Welcome to Acacia Medical Clinic

Acacia Medical Clinic provides personalized healthcare services, health screening, vaccination and corporate healthcare to both residents and non-residents at The Interlace Condo in Singapore.

Additional personalized services include lasting power of attorney (LPA) and housecalls Eldershield and IDAPE for disability assistance scheme. To find more information on Dr Benjamin as an appointed Eldershield and IDAPE assessor, click here.


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Dr Benjamin is MOH accredited housecall Eldershield / IDAPE assessor.


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Acacia Medical Clinic is your Family Clinic in Singapore

Providing holistic care to all members of the family. Some of our services include:

Family Clinic

A family clinic in Singapore that prioritizes your health allowing you to have a ease of mind.

Housecall Eldershield / IDAPE

MOH accredited Housecall Eldershield / IDAPE Assessor with online appointment booking.

LPA Certificate Issuer

Acacia Medical Clinic is registered under the LPA list of panels. Book an appointment now.

Night Clinic

One of the few night medical clinics in Depot Road that are opened to 9pm Mon – Fri.

Personalized Packages

Health screening packages can be individualized according to individual needs.

Award Winning Building

We are located in The Interlace Condo, the 2015 winner of the World Building of the Year.

Want lesser waiting time?

It is faster and easier to choose an appointment timeslot instead of walk-in. Schedule your appointment now!

Want lesser waiting time?

It is easier and faster to choose an appointment timeslot instead of walk-in. Schedule your appointment now!


Eldershield Assessor / IDAPE Assessor


Dr Benjamin provides housecalls for Eldershield / IDAPE assessments for Disability Assistance Scheme. Click below to find out more and schedule an appointment.

How do I get in? (For non-residents of The Interlace Condo)


Non-residents can simply indicate that they are visiting Acacia Medical Clinic and register to gain entry. Click the button below to find out the step by step on getting to the clinic.

What are your opening hours?


Monday – Friday: 0900 – 1200 / 1800 – 2100
Saturday: 0900 – 1200
Sunday: Closed

For more information on public holidays and other occasions, click the link below.

What health insurances and managed health do you accept?


We accept the following company insurances

  • International Medical Insurers (IMI)
  • Medilink-Global TPA Pte Ltd
  • MHC Medical Network
  • MHC-MIB Asia
  • HSBC Clinicare
  • QBE Primarycare
  • NTUC Income
  • Alliance Healthcare / Alliance MediNet
  • Alliance i-Medicare
    (NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Limited)
  • GE SupremeCare -Gold & Platinum
  • AXA MediSmart
  • Fullerton Healthcare Network 3 (FHN3)

How can I pickup my chronic medications faster?


Reduce your waiting time by booking a Pickup Medication timeslot using our Appointment Platform, this allows ample time for our staff to pack your medication for you to pickup. Remember to leave a comment if there’s any changes to your medications that you are picking up. Click here to book an appointment and select Pickup Medication.

Do you provide Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) service?


Dr Benjamin is a LPA Certificate Issuer and making an appointment with him can be done via our Appointment Platform. Click here to find out more about LPA and what is required on the day of appointment.

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